Caryn was elected to the House of Representatives in 2010 and to the Kansas Senate in 2012 by large margins. She has worked diligently to serve the constituents of the district. Caryn has a diverse background and real-world experience that are strong assets as a Kansas Senator.

Another interest of Caryn's is being in business with her husband, Tim. The Ranch was started in 1871 and continues today, which is an important part of their lives. Through the years they have worked to produce quality cattle and to steadily add to their herd.

Family Life

Caryn and her husband, Tim, have been married for 28 years. They are proud to live in Linn County, as Tim is the 5th generation of Tysons in Linn County. Caryn and her four siblings are fifth generation Kansans also. They were born and raised in Kansas. Summers and weekends during her school years, Caryn worked with her family and friends at her parents’ Glasco Locker Plant, in central Kansas.

Caryn And Tim

Career Success

Caryn was awarded several scholarships and decided to attend college at Saint Mary of the Plains in Dodge City, KS. After two years she transferred to Kansas State University (KSU) where she simultaneously earned two Bachelor of Science degrees: one in Mathematics and the other in Computer Science. While pursuing her degrees, Caryn worked at the KSU Meat Lab where she was exposed to world-class agricultural research. After graduating, she began working in the information technology (IT) industry and has continued working in this field for over 24 years. Caryn's work included space shuttle support for NASA where she received multiple awards for achievement and teamwork. Caryn has continued this pattern of achievement and has received recognition from past employers and customers. She has also continued expanding her education as she is Kansas Project Management Certified, PMI Project Management Certified, and completed a Master of Science in Engineering Management at Kansas University (KU).